Thursday, September 17, 2009


I feel like I just stumbled upon a secret society this week. I resisted and resisted Twitter because, well, I don't know. Now that the Blackberry is gone I was feeling an absence of continual gabbing. Plus, I have no physical coworkers anymore. It's funny, Twitter is like having a whole community of virtual coworkers. Only no colds, smelly food in the microwave, waiting to have my turn in the bathroom. AND I get to incessantly listen to Pandora instead of arguing over who-f***d up what.

My screen name was too long as thegreedyseagull so I am just going by greedyseagull.

Also the shop got a little makeover today and I ordered real business cards to pass out at the New York and California vintage fashion expos. That's right, going to BOTH this year, because I am just that GREEDY.


  1. Yeah, Twitter will pull you in and you can never leave...
    Also, I wish there were vintage fashion expos going on near me!

  2. They are so much fun but I never buy much because they are so expensive, and also because I know what they probably paid for the stuff!

  3. I like Twitter for the "office minus actual physical co-workers" aspect, too. And yay--no microwave popcorn smell!

  4. exactly, Twitter is where all my co-workers are! Outside of my kitties Sophie and Ella!