Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Etsy Buddy and Partner in Crime

I feel so lucky to have met such lovely ladies through my obsession with vintage. For years and years, I felt like I was pretty much the only nut out there willing to hide under a pile of dusty coats in a warehouse to get at a leopard one in the bottom of the bin that I'm not supposed to be in. But fortunately, this just is not true! I knew I moved away from Orange County, CA for a reason (besides the housewife show). That place is a wasteland of tans, Ed Hardy, bleached hair, and Juicy Couture. No wonder I had like, 3 friends.

Nowadays, I find myself very fortunate to know so many stylish, interesting ladies that I know would have hid under that with me and cheered me on. I met Greatestfriend in a vintage clothing shop in Manhattan. We started gabbing about vintage clothing after we gushed over each other's outfits and soon after, she was sleeping over to get up with me at 6am to hunt down vintage. I knew we'd be a good team because we have different eyes for stuff, and plus we stayed up until 3am digging through all my stuff and talking our heads off.

Anyway, below are some fabulous things from her shop. She is always a step ahead of the trends and stocks all the masculine, work-wear type things that I never do, as well as incredible dresses and historical items.

Isn't she great?

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  1. Pretty! I really like your blog & I love your shop. I did a post about your shop on my blog. I hope it's ok, if not let me know. Thank you!