Friday, July 29, 2011

Going home!

We're leaving the coop to go home to southern Cali to visit our families until August 7th! We have some fun things planned, and of course there will be shopping. The shop will stay open but all orders will ship on the 8th when we return. We are so relieved to be getting out of town; David just took the bar exam and it seems like I've been working 80 hours a week these days so it is much needed. Ciao!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Jewels

When you work this hard, you have to reward yourself once in a while. Or once a week. Just wanted to share two new little presents I bought for myself while out on a shopping trip this week. One is a 40's jeweled sterling scabbard and dagger pin (I've been wanting one forever!) and ring is a 10k gold and pyrite turn of the century piece with the most elegant little shoulders! Why two pieces in one trip you ask? Well, I'm The Greedy Seagull of course!


Monday, July 25, 2011

You little Minx!

Check out this foxy little shimmering gold-on-peach cocktail dress by Minx Modes, available in the shop now!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

$100 Greedy Seagull Giveaway!

Good morning! I'm excited to announce I'm doing a $100 giveaway with my lovely friend Naomi from Taza and Husband! Naomi's beautiful blog documents the life of her family and her adorable pup and is full of gorgeous photos of food, love, and her smiling baby girl- what's not to like?

To enter to win, visit Taza and Husband and leave a comment under today's post with what you'd use your gift certificate towards in my shop. Winner will be chosen at random and announced Friday- good luck!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Ms Ashley Soliman

I was getting my fix of crack coffee from Stand & Deliver on North 7th, an off shoot of Sit & Wonder my eye was immediately drawn to quite possibly the cutest girl I've seen in Brooklyn in, well, forever. Meet Ashley Soliman!


Ashley is rocking a 50's chartreuse green blouse, 50's scatter print skirt, sparkly 50's cat eye glasses, Worishofer slides, and a little mushroom pin. When we got to talking, it turns out she's from Southern California too- no wonder I liked her style!


Ashley is also a super talented artist and a foodie to boot. Check out her website here.


I'm hoping she shows up again soon so I can ogle her outfit and get to know her better!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Best of Brimfield

This week was my first time visiting the Brimfield Antique fair. I've been hearing about this magical place for years now, but somehow never made it. For those unfamiliar, it is probably the largest antique fair in the whole country and it happens three times a year in Brimfield, Massachusetts. Vendors from all over the country bring every kind of antique under the sun and the entire town turns into a market! Naturally, that means a whole lot of clothes.

My friend Martha of Gypsy Nation and I headed out at the crack of dawn equipped with granny carts, walking shoes, and unparalleled psychosis for grabbing vintage. We thought we'd have to stay two days to cover the whole fair, but Martha was like a freight train with no brakes and kept us moving so fast that we actually did THE WHOLE TOWN in one day. The heat was unbearable at 95 degrees and I looked like hell; at one point I stood motionless, dazed, in the middle of an outdoor food court trying to locate ice cream... for about ten minutes. I literally thought I'd have to be taken home in an ambulance. However, while I was slurping a root beer float like an exhausted five year old I got a text from Martha with a picture of the dresses I was missing and snapped out of my delirium and started running down the road before someone else got it.

The best moment of the day was when we simultaneously spotted 4 huge racks stuffed with REALLY OLD STUFF. Antique lace, sumptuous silks, and sparkling beads called us like moths to the flame. As we started to ransack the racks, we overheard the booth's owner quoting REALLY good prices and it escalated our vigorous snatching into a nearly violent feeding frenzy- oh the euphoria!! We snatched victory from the hands of a lurking dealer who showed up just a moment too late. She enviously eyed our piles and huffed off with her panama-hat-wearing husband. I am SO excited to post some of these finds this week!

The rest of the day was spent sifting through the mind-numbing amount of treasures to find those special pieces that just don't show up anymore.. and we did. Here's a little teaser of what I found; look for listing trickling into the shop this week and next!