Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Jewels

When you work this hard, you have to reward yourself once in a while. Or once a week. Just wanted to share two new little presents I bought for myself while out on a shopping trip this week. One is a 40's jeweled sterling scabbard and dagger pin (I've been wanting one forever!) and ring is a 10k gold and pyrite turn of the century piece with the most elegant little shoulders! Why two pieces in one trip you ask? Well, I'm The Greedy Seagull of course!



  1. I'm a vintage jewelry fiend so I'm envious of your unique and gorgeous finds. I am a fan of raw minerals so am in love with your ring! I've been wanting a dagger pin too, have yet to see one in person.

  2. thanks ladies- I haven't taken that ring off since I got it!