Monday, March 28, 2011

My Booth at Artists and Fleas

When Artists and Fleas moved to North 7th street, I was a little nervous about getting a good space. The market fills up fast in spring and we wanted to have a good presence there and set up a booth that looks and feels more like a boutique of its own than an ordinary flea market spot. I was over the moon when the perfect spot opened up by sheer coincidence the weekend that I moved in! I've been working tirelessly on a pretty display that reflects the aesthetic of my boothmate and I, Thrifty Fashionista.

Though our styles differ, we both love certain things; namely girlie, pink, and floral prints so I decided to run with it. I installed some pink paper lanterns, a giant jute rug, and I thrifted a beat up old mirror that I refinished and painted light pink. The booth is a work in progress, but it already looks pretty sweet for only being there two weekends. The best part is that it so far has only cost me about 150 dollars to decorate! A little fabric and some pretty lights go a long way.

Please come visit Meghann and I on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-7 when you have a chance and check out all the great stuff we don't have in our stores. Mention my blog for a little discount too ;)



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hot Orange for Spring

I love bright colors, and the number one color on my list to wear this spring is a bright red-orange. I especially love it for bags and cosmetics. It looks so fresh paired with neutrals and whites! Here are a few of my favorites:


Nars "Heat Wave" lipstick, image via Popcorn Plays
Bag via Zara
Skirt via The Greedy Seagull
OPI "On The Same Paige" nailpolish

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gypsy Candy!

I am a pirate. I love, lust for and constantly think of jewelry. It's the fault my Armenian gypsy heritage, I am fully convinced. Some girls crave candy, but I crave bling. Ok, maybe sea salt chocolate. But I digress. I decided to open a little jewelry shop as an outlet for my desire to collect; I can't possibly keep it all. I mean, I suppose I could but I already have the biggest jewelry box I could find and it's full. So without further adieu, I invite you to check out
Gypsy Candy,
my new store. Take a little peek!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Return from Paradise

I really, really needed a vacation and so did my husband. It's difficult when you live far away from your family to take enough time each year to visit them and fit vacations in as well; luckily for us we kill two birds with one stone each year by visiting my husband's family in Jamaica!

This year we were lucky enough to stay in Ocho Rios in the condo where my husband used to spend his summers as a kid living with his grandparents. Usually the place is rented but happily it was open this time and we got the whole joint to ourselves! We spent the week eating yummy food, laying out on the beach and sitting on the veranda that has the best view of the harbor! And of course, I had to stop at the touristy craft market and buy a purse and shoes. We had our anniversary dinner at The Almond Tree restaurant, which is right on the water. You know the first part of the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland? I'm pretty sure someone went to that restaurant and came back and copied it.

Enjoy the photos, I wish you all could have come with me!


Monday, March 7, 2011

They don't come cuter than this!

If you know me, you know that I have a soft spot for all things girlie and sweet. I've found myself very lucky lately in the cute vintage dress department and wanted to share some of my best finds that are going into the shop by tomorrow, along with tons of other pretty pieces. I'll be in Jamaica visiting family starting Wednesday and will be back with lots of pictures and lots of lobster in my tummy... but I'm leaving these for you to feast your eyes on ;)



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Forget me Not

They say that violet is a sentimental color, and perhaps that's why I love it so much at the moment. I can hardly believe it, but in 11 days it will be one whole year since I married my handsome husband. We'll be spending our anniversary in the house that he spent his summers at in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I can hardly wait!

So I'm going to get sentimental here, and hopefully you can get sentimental too with these vintage beauties ;)