Monday, April 30, 2012

Under construction!

I am proud to announce that The Greedy Seagull had found a new home right here in Astoria, Queens! I am teaming up with my amazing friend Jessica who owns La'che Et Occupe in a little storefront in the heart of our neighborhood.

We are excited to be pioneers around here- there really is no proper vintage shop! The area I rapidly changing and filling up with young people so we think we will be filling up a bit of a void here!

The spot we picked is a fixer-upper and is requiring gut renovations- but it is the perfect size, and it has a skylight!!! Please excuse the dust around the blog and website over the next month as we tear it up an get ready for an amazing launch party in June. More details to follow, and contact me if you would like to be invited to our opening party- thegreedyseagull at gmail . Com