Monday, August 30, 2010

A Peek into Greedy Seagull HQ

I posted previously, sans photos that I am moving into a new studio. Well..... here are some photos! Sans paint, storage, blinds etc- just a whole lot of vintage laying around waiting for a good organization system. Which leads me to a question- how you YOU store all your bags, shoes, and clothing efficiently, while keeping them from getting damaged? I have several ideas in mind, but can't seem to decide on which way to go.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

a Greedy Seagull Giveaway!

Hi Ladies! The Greedy Seagull is giving away this pretty autumn shawl; all you have to do is become a Facebook fan and leave a comment here. A winner will be selected at random Friday, September 3rd at 6pm ET. Good Luck!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Exciting News

I never thought I would need the kind of space that I need now to run a business. When I moved into my current place, I hadn't even heard of Etsy and was working a dreadfully boring office job. My place was just a crash pad for my tired, weary, depressed self and it was three times bigger than what I had in Manhattan and a lot cheaper so I was pretty stoked on moving in.

Then came Etsy. A wonderful, happy, awesome way to make a living- but my apartment became completely overrun with dresses, bags, shoes... sigh. Luckily poor hubby had his nose buried in law text books the last year so he didn't really notice the creeping piles of stuff, shipping boxes, soaking bins, mending piles, off season merchandise... you get the idea. It was enough to drive me insane!

The day before we left for our wedding, our evil little old Greek landlord told us that she is moving her entire Greek family into our apartment because they can't find jobs in Greece and need a place to live. I initially panicked because I was already in panic mode from the wedding but then realized it was meant to be, because I was dreaming of moving every single waking moment of my life.

Long story short, The Greedy Seagull is moving into a large, bright art deco work studio next Sunday! We found a gorgeous three bedroom place that will allow me to not only have a beautiful new work space, but a big eat in kitchen and a lot of privacy as well. Of course, I took the biggest room in the house as my own (insert Greedy snipe here). But finally, finally I will not have to wait for the one sliver of daylight my current place gives me to shoot, and all my vintage will have an organized place and a home!

The shop will probably be a bit slow the next week, but I have well over a hundred fall stunners waiting to get photographed in their new home. Stay tuned, fall is going to be exciting!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Folk Festival Found

Every year, I take a little trip out to the Philadelphia Folk Festival with my bestie and her fam. We sleep in a tent, listen to hippie music by a campfire and wake up early to hit up Pennsylvania garage sales the next morning. Sometimes the music is good, but the antiquing is always great! Also, there is a huge variety of beautiful artisan made goods at the actual festival that tempt me year after year. Here are a few of my favorite finds from this year, some of which came home and some of which had to stay due to budget limitations:


beautiful Native American made jewelry


a scrumptious leather Native American made bag


hand cut tin lanterns


mouse pin, "G" locket, rhinestone earrings, pearl necklace, pinwheel necklace


a 100 year old, handmade Irish lace huge tablecloth (for 10 dollars!)


locally produced organic honey


a fair trade African fruit basket


a 1950's leather suitcase


vintage hand embroidered Guatemalan jacket

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Madmen Update

Some great Madmen style pieces are going into the shop tomorrow, along with some other wonderful 40's and 50's pieces to boot. LOTS of handbags, a few perfect shoes and some pretty little dresses are all measured and photographed; here's a sneak peek at a select few pieces:

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Leopard Grail

This is, in my opinion, the holy grail of leopard coats. It's 60's, leather buttons, back swag, and totally flawless; and sadly for me it is a tiny size 2/4. It may or may not be up for grabs on Monday depending on if someone decides to call dibs. Contact me if you are interested in learning more!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Wedding

Here is round one of photos from our little California wedding. The weather was mild and sunny, the flowers were bright and pretty, and love was overflowing all around. We originally contemplated just having our small courthouse ceremony and leaving it at that, but I am happy in retrospect that we decided to include our families in a second, larger event. I wore a vintage Norma Kamali that my aunt altered; she sewed a cummerbund waist piece and added tea dyed lace to the underneath. My mom made my veil and we pinned some vintage and new flowers into my hair. My mom and aunt also did all the flowers and decorations, and my mother in law did my hair.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

A lot has been going down over here at The Greedy Seagull HQ. I went home to get married last week, found a new apartment, and am hosting a huge vintage shopping event in Manhattan tomorrow with Meghann of Thrifty Fashionista. Needless to say, the blog has been a bit neglected in favor of running around like a maniac doing things. However, I just had to share the thing I was most excited about showing you all- my rehearsal dinner dress!

It's a 40's Alfred Shaheen, back when the label just read "Shaheen of Hawaii". I fell in love with it months before the wedding; it belonged to my dear friend Ricky who has a booth at Artists and Fleas and is actually the Yoda of vintage. Sadly it did not fit when I first tried it, but that dress haunted me in my sleep. Well, after all the wedding stress and steamed vegetables I lived on for two months it just zipped up for the rehearsal dinner.... and made it all worth it. My mother in law did my hair and bought me the awesome orchid earrings from her friend who makes them. Wedding pics will soon follow!