Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Show me your BOOTS!

Back in college, a truck driver actually held up a sign while driving just one letter off from the title of this post. I didn't show them to him, but I will show all of you my BOOTS, all going in the shop. These are only half; the other will go in next week.


  1. Nice boots. :D

    One time we were coming home after a road trip and I was driving and trying to pass a truck driver, who had a "Show Me Yer" handwritten in the dirt on the back of his rig. As I passed him I honked, and I made Andy pick up our dog, Lucy, and show him her "boots", all 12 (or however many) of them. We thought it was hilarious, but might just have been punchy from driving all day.

  2. Ha ha ha ha oh that's PERFECT. Gotta love those truck drivers.... have you ever seen doggie bikinis that have like 8 triangles?! My friend's chihuahua had one.