Thursday, September 24, 2009

High Waist Pants

I have to admit, the idea of high waist pants always made me nervous. It brought back emotional scarring from freshman year, when a certain unnamed Spanish teacher had a perpetual camel toe that almost looked painful. However, my mom has always tried to tell me that (as long as the inseam fits) that they would actually look good on my shape. I bought a pair of high waist jeans last year, and it turns out she was right.

My only issue is that I have a non-store-fit friendly shape. Things are always too short in the inseam, and too baggy in the hips and legs when the waist fits. I am convinced that the only way to ever find a pair that fits is to sew them myself. I am now officially on the hunt for patterns. I came across a couple that I just love:

I found these at Nanas Sewing Basket on Etsy. She has lots of great dress patterns right now too!

This one came from ZipZapKap on Etsy.

The only, only problem is that neither of these are my size and I just don't think they will come out right if I try to adjust the pattern. If anyone spots something similar in a slightly bigger size, or has one they want to sell let me know!

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  1. Beautiful patterns, very flattering styles! I can't wait to be better at sewing!