Monday, September 7, 2009

The Laid Off Laid Back To-do List

I am a compulsive list maker. I got it from my mother; she posts lists of absolutely everything all over the house. List-making is very comforting when you are scatterbrained like me. I'm pretty easily distracted and really forgetful and somehow lists make me feel like I can manage the chaos. I make lists for everything; cleaning chores, things I want to buy, places I want to go, bills I need to pay... the list of lists goes on and on.

I have a tendency to get bored easily, and hence slip into a lazy, lethargic state of existence in which nothing gets done and I waste time that could be spent doing better things. Right now, I have tons of time and I want to use it while it lasts doing all the things that I always complained about not having the time to do. So, true to my OCD list-making form, I created the Laid Off Laid Back To-Do List which will include:

- Read all the blogs I follow in the mornings over cereal.
- Drink huge iced coffees afterward
- Get to the gym or go run five times a week

- Wednesday morning runs to the Salvation Army for half off day
- Take the doggie for a long walk every night
- Updating the shop with amazing, perfect listings almost every day
- My kitchen table covered in beads and sewing (image credit here)

- Cooking salmon, thai food, baking banana nut bread and apple pies when it gets cooler
- Spending time studying for the GRE
- Painting my nails, styling my hair, staying groomed in general and wearing aprons and lingerie around the house (image credit here)

- Weekend train rides to new places and estate sales
- Outfits filled with skirts and frilly things and weird things I could have never worn to work
- Camera trips; just me and my Nikon D60

- Incessant listening to Pandora
- Writing a recipe book of all the family recipes for Christmas gifts
- Twice weekly scouring of apartment, ultimate freedom from dust bunnies (image here)

- Traveling to other east coast states to visit buddies; long drives through Vermont and Boston when the leaves change
- Scanning and cataloging all the images I have been collecting these past couple years
- Start using all these images in my blogs and become better at Photoshop
- Bicycle rides all over. To the park and through it, on boardwalks, over crunching leaves, etc.
- Drinking lots of wine. Funny enough the image below combines these last two goals; this is an old French bicycle advertisement label adopted for the label on a very good red wine:

image here

Now, I am going to put the list-making aside and actually go do something!


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  1. i'm laughing a bit out of guilt cos my own now-that-I-have-all-this-time list I made six months ago kinda looked a lot like yours....i've done about half of mine which, quite frankly, still feels pretty darn good;)