Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm running away to join the circus

It seems that all I ever want to do these days is abandon all illusions of living a normal life and just go join the circus. The circus used to be a grand and lovely thing; but now Vegas and Barnum and Bailey have turned it into a dreadful, talentless gang of schmucks with no class. In a way, I kind of did run away to join the circus when I moved to New York. There are freaks aplenty here, that's for sure!

Here is the kind of circus that I wish still existed:


Images from top: vintage postcard with text edited by me, Merna Kennedy and Charlie Chaplin in "The Circus", a vest from my Etsy store that doesn't fit me, a contortionist found on this awesome Flickr photo stream, the best hat ever from Etsy, and a wonderful picture of a circus horse rider from Shorpy.

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