Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Lust

It seems like all the women of Manhattan rejoiced at the sunny weather and humid heat today, because everyone had on their very best things for spring! I on the other hand got up late and had no idea what to wear so I haphazardly put together an unadventurous outfit not anywhere near worth a picture. However, I feel really inspired by the weather to try some new things... these are some of the trends I want to try and items I have been drooling over recently:


Some round glasses that I found on Billie Jean's blog


A beautiful liberty print floral skirt by Cacharel that you can buy here


Ok, I know I am not as cool as Chloe Sevigny but I would TOTALLY wear socks with sandals (maybe some with lace at the ankles) and now that she's done it I can too!

I think all of these looks put together would be really great. Once I hunt similar pieces in my price range and get some ankle socks, I will follow up with a post!

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