Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Finds

Today was a great day for vintage shopping! I rode my bike around in the glorious weather on the hunt for loot and some rather great things turned up. It's finally the time of year when people clean out their basements, attics, garages... and I swoop in on all their vintage like a bird of prey! Here is what I found, all of which is in the Etsy store :


Top left: Green houndstooth depression era blouse made of rayon in amazing condition
Top right: An aqua sequined cocktail top, late 50's to early 60's
Center: Bright blue cotton printed day dress, 50's
Bottom left: Super versatile brown handbag in a classic shape from the 50's
Bottom left: Very sweet little beaded cashmere cardigan from the 50's

I have been thinking of keeping that brown purse for myself because it really will go with everything that I own, but my purses have already taken over the entire linen closet and there is just no room; hopefully it will find a great home!

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