Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello World!

It is lovely to meet you.

My name is Giana, and this blog is dedicated to my love of all things vintage and handmade. I have been collecting vintage clothing, accessories and housewares since I was a little girl and have a passion for a wide variety of arts and crafts including a lot of sewing, knitting, making jewelry and embroidering. Some of my other hobbies include cooking, reading, photography and traveling so you might see some posts about these things too!

I am a hardcore thriftstore and flea market addict; nothing is more exciting to me than digging through giant piles of stuff and uncovering buried treasure! I got my blog name as a result of a conversation I had with my boyfriend about what animal I would be in a past life. He said I would be a seagull because I am always collecting shiny objects and stealing his food! I have entire troves of jewelry, shoes, purses and vintage clothes, not to mention dishes and beads, so The Greedy Seagull seemed like the perfect alter ego for my blog.

I recently discovered the online community of vintage fashion addicts such as myself, and decided that I would like to share my thoughts, inspirations, and some of my treasures with everyone else. I live and work in the New York City area, one of the most exciting and inspiring places on the planet, and also an amazing resource for vintage and all varieties of supplies for projects, so I hope to post often!

Send me a hello sometime for any reason at all- I am super outgoing and love new friends!

Lots of Love,

The Greedy Seagull

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  1. I think you have cute fashion taste.Why would people think your weird,everyone has their own style.I sure people think my fashion is somewhat dorky,others may like it.I also like how you use knee socks with your outfits,quite chic these days!