Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year, new seagull

Things might get a little wacky around here for a bit! I'm currently in the process of bringing my website and blog all under one roof here at Blogspot, spiffing up the blog for the new year. Please be patient with me as these changes take place; I'm doing them all myself and I am teaching myself as I go. CSS is a tricky little devil if you haven't gone to school for it, but I am actually getting the hang of it!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to blog more, at least two times a week and to be better about updating the shop. Oh, and to stop buying more than I can possibly sell! I think that will be the first one to be broken, if you don't count in my other ones (only one piece of chocolate per week, ha!). Thanks for bearing with little glitches and bugs for the next week; things should be under control soon!



  1. looks beautiful and you are so brave doing it all yourself, I just asked someone to help me do your new resolution to not buy more than you can sell! good luck!

  2. Ha ha I'm with you on the buying 'buying more than I can sell' factor! It's a terrible addiction I tell you! Look forward to reading your regular blog updates. :)

  3. thanks ladies! Yes, I realized after hauling about six bags to Salvo this week that I need to control myself!