Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fantasy Shopping

I'm not ready to give up cuddly winter layers yet (it's freezing in NYC!) but I am really jonesing to buy for spring right now. Since I can't actually do much shopping right now, I did a little fantasy shopping and put together what I would wear out the door today if I had the chance. Of course, I'd have to add a giant fur coat and hat, gloves and scarf... I'm hanging in there, but I know the cold has yet to reach its bitter apotheosis.

Black Sabbath tee via rainbowgasoline
cardigan via Dear Golden
skirt via Emma Howard Clothing
booties via Anthropologie
necklace via UO


  1. it's awful to jones for spring this early isn't it? i felt it the other day and was like "nooooo, not yet! the haul will be toooo long!"

    thanks for the cardigan love miss giana!

    stay warm ♥

  2. Black Sabbath? LOVE this choice. heavy metal-er here from waaaay back x

  3. HELL YES Black Sabbath, it gets played probably more than anything else while in the studio. You wouldn't guess it from my girly Etsy shop though would you?