Thursday, January 20, 2011

Down to Earth

A definitive change of pace is happening in the shop tomorrow; I'm switching gears to earthy greens, leathers, and natural prints and textures. Maybe in an abstract way, I am channeling spring, growth and all things green to return. The snow that was initially pretty has become a soot-covered slush, and the whole city is blanketed in what can only be described as a gray amorphous muck that consists of pollution, ice, garbage, doggie droppings, cigarette butts... you get the idea. I suppose this little patch of green will have to do until March.



  1. love that skirt! is that thing beaded??

  2. i'm in love with the green dress!!

  3. Amazing pieces. That green dress could brighten up any slushy winter day {swoon}. BTW If you do find that picture of your mom rocking her poncho at the grand canyon, I'd looove to see it. Nice finds lady.