Thursday, April 8, 2010

This CRAZY Coat- Help Please?

I found this enigma today and want to do a little research before selling it, and was wondering if anyone had any pointers?

It's the heaviest thing I've ever seen- military issue, with Cyrillic lettering inside. It has two different types of buttons (both display the hammer and sickle motif). The bottom smaller buttons are the originals, and the shiny gold ones are later replacements. It's been stripped of any decorations/ insignia it once had, and was probably shortened due to the unfinished hem at the bottom. The rounded collar leads me to think it is 50's or 60's? It's lined in a thick canvas-like cotton, and has interior hook and eye closures. It's definitely been altered in several ways by whoever owned it last, but is still an incredible coat that would honestly keep you warm in Siberia!



  1. The Cyrilic letters spell "Berlin, L.M." :) I hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog :) I'm happy to help w/ the Russian writing...I never thought my Russian studies at uni would be useful in the vintage world, but I suppose that clothes have a history, too!

  3. What a cool coat and I love the mystery behind it! I just checked out your etsy shop and it's beautiful! If you are ever interested in becoming a seller on Lovely Clusters we would love to have you!