Friday, October 23, 2009

The Ramos House Cafe

Sadly, there are not many restaurants in Orange County, California worth bragging about. I guess New York has spoiled me a bit, or a lot... but the Ramos House Cafe is still probably one of my top five favorite places in the world. It's located on the oldest residential street in California, and the building itself is from 1881. John Q, the owner lives next in the little attached house to the side of the restaurant and can always be seen buzzing around the place. Dining takes place under the shady canopy of a huge old tree, with rustic little tables. All the herbs used in the Contemporary American cuisine are grown right in the garden, and ingredients are so fresh and they have a seasonal menu.

Of all the things on the menu though, the twelve dollar Bloody Mary is the most decadent, complete with crab claw and string beans. It is a meal and a masterpiece unto itself. My other favorites are the Mac and Cheese, and the pulled chicken sandwich. If you ever make it down that way, by all means go and eat there!

John Q's House

The restaurant

The best Bloody Mary of all times

Pulled BBQ chicken sandwich

Lox and toast points


  1. the bloody mary, & sweet potato fries look awesome!

  2. This cozy restaurant looks completely charming!