Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All Buttoned Up

Megan of 13bees and I went to an estate sale over the weekend that promised lots of vintage clothes, and things turned out to be quite dismal. However, I did score a fabulous box of vintage buttons and I just had to share, they are so darn cute.

Ironically enough, on a previous trip Megan was telling me about a woman at Brimfield that obsessively collects them. She could not understand why she hoarded them, nor could the button lady herself. I know they are a strange thing to fawn over, to obsequiously pore over bins full of them for hours. I think it's just the endless possibilities, and the fact that some of them are like little miniature pieces of art. I think they are a pretty innocuous thing to collect, considering they take up much less room than clothes and shoes!

When I was 15, I had already amassed quite a collection between what my grandma had given me and trips to the flea market. I had them stored in a box with fabric and patterns in the garage, which was my dad's territory. One tragic day, he "accidentally" threw them away. To this day, I mourn those buttons and do not forgive my dad for tossing them (ok mostly I do, but still). Even though I walked away with little else at that sale, I was elated over these glorious buttons; I think they are a good start to a new collection.


  1. Lovely! Buttons are promises of possibilities, I guess, as they have the potential to alert an outfit. The prettier and quirkier the better.

  2. oops, i meant alter not alert.