Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Thrift Store Gods are Smiling

I have had really good luck in the thrift stores lately, mostly for myself. This is good, but also bad because I have a pile of laundry about ten feet high piled in my hall that I can't hang in my closet because there is no room. I am trying to be good, but who can say no to a 1920's-15 dollar-465 dollar-neiman marcus-reproduction-tags-still-on AMAZING dress in your size. Not me, that's for sure. My how I love lunch breaks in New York City; seems like that's when all the good stuff turn up. Please excuse my cavegirl hair and lack of lipstick, it's been a long day!

I layered a hot pink and lace 1950's slip underneath and its perfect! I can't wait to wear it out to my buddy's birthday party on Saturday at D.O.C. Yay!



Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Modern Vintage
Pink Slip: 50's vintage

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