Monday, July 13, 2009

The California Collection

Sorry for being the worst blogger on earth lately, but I have been up to some really exciting things. Namely, a whole lot of shopping and giving my Etsy shop a makeover! Vacation turned out to be not just relaxing and fun, but a surprisingly amazing vintage shopping field trip! Funny enough, I never found much when I lived out in in southern California, but I think I just wasn't as good at looking.

The second day I was home, I saw an estate sale sign in my neighborhood. I was in the car with the entire family on the way to the beach, and even though I practically cried over it my dad would not follow the signs. I thought about it all day and was anxious. The first thing I did when I got home was leap into my dad's Volvo and swerve down the block like a bat out of hell.
When I pulled up to the house, there were piles of black trashbags sitting on the driveway and it was there that I saw it; a tiny piece of vintage red gingham poking out. I ran to the front door and rang a bunch of times (it was already pretty late) until I annoyed the poor woman into coming out. I told her I was looking for vintage clothes and she raised her eyebrow at me and told me to follow her.

She began to rip open the bags in the driveway and out fell hundreds of pieces of beautiful clothing from the 50's!!!!! It all belonged to her mom and her and her siblings when they were young, and nobody wanted it. I could not beleive my good luck. Then, to my amazement she came down the stairs with armfuls more from a cedar hope chest upstairs! She just wanted all the clothes to go to a good home where they would be appreciated. I ended up having to bring it all back home in the biggest duffle bag I could find. I've been so bad at blogging because the past two weeks I have been at work washing, mending and ironing all these fabulous things so they are ready to wear. Below is just a fraction of all the great things that will make it into the store over the next few months. Enjoy!


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