Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Outfit post- back to 99'

I confess, I still own a skirt from my sophomore year of high school. Mind you, it's a liiiiiittle bit snug but it does still zip up! Twelve years have passed and my style has evolved, but once in a while I still feel the impulse to go full-on rockabilly, victory rolls, red lipstick et all.

Oh, and once in a while, I still feel the impulse to play my guitar. I can't remember any Stray Cat solos, but it still makes me happy to play some chords and sing. I remember thinking my life was impossibly hard at that age; now I'd give anything for that lack of responsibility (and gray hairs, too!)


jacket: vintage
skirt: bought in high school
boots: vintage
rings: antique

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