Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Italy is For Lovers

Whether passionate and young, deep and well-versed, or platonic and faithful, Italians are simply not afraid to show their affection for one another. Though the architecture, food and aesthetic of Italy are certainly impressive, I think the most beautiful thing about the country is the unabashed attitude towards love.

Living freely and well takes precedence over work; it is simply something that has to be done and fits in around everything else. Living in the US, I find that it's usually the other way around. I admire and aspire to adopt this mentality in my own life, though breaking bad habits is certainly a struggle.

This abundance of love is perhaps the very thing that makes everything else beautiful. A perfect lasagne is made by hand to tame an empty stomach. A flawless piece of Carrera marble is brought to life by the brilliance of a Renaissance sculptor. A glove is cut, sewn, and fit by an eighty year old man who learned the trade from his grandfather.

I hope these photos capture a bit of that essence and will inspire you as well.

Tanti Bacci,



  1. Ah, Italia! I agree: I envy the Italian approach to life!

  2. The Italians, the Spanish and the French... they all know how live!

  3. i am def' in love with that lasagna.

  4. That is adorable! Great Blog, keep it up!! Following! Follow back!! :)


    Forget me not,