Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being Bettie

To say that Bettie Page influenced my style is quite an understatement; I completely worshiped her as a teenager. I know; she's probably not the best role model for a young lady of 14... but neither are the Jersey Shore girls! I did everything I could to look like Bettie; I wore red lipstick every day of my life, dyed my hair jet black and rocked the bangs for years. I recently saw a little blip about how Bettie bangs are coming back for spring, and I got really nostalgic.

I started looking around online when I realized just how much her influence her style still has today; her bikinis are still being copied by major design houses 60 years later! I took a good look at a few of my favorite photos of her, then started doing some searching online and found some good vintage and new replicas that will let you get the look. When I searched for Bettie Page shoes, mine came up in the search results... that shows you just how deep she goes in my brain. So for all you Betties out there, check it out:


  1. I understand she was actually quite modest, and became very religious later in life, so maybe not such an awful role model! I had black hair and Bettie Page bangs for a little while in the mid-1990s. Did you see that biopic that came out a few years back? I've had it in my Netflix queue for awhile.

  2. I like all the pics really sexy pics;)
    I like that black Footwear