Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hell on Wheels

When I am stressed and need to go to my "happy place" I picture myself driving my beat up old Volvo 850 down Pacific Coast Highway on a sunny day with the windows down, on my way up north to visit a friend or love or just driving for the hell of it. Some of my best memories are in that car, and now my sis drives it. I had to give it up when I moved here, and I have to say I was relieved at first; glad to be rid of the burden of traffic, filling up the tank, and expensive repairs.

Well.... I officially have a carnow! All I have to say is WATCH OUT New York! I just purchased a beige granny style Camry and I am reeling with all the new possibilities. It even has the same dings on the passenger side as my last car. Trips upstate, estate sales, I can even go to Trader Joe's now to get rice pudding which was worth the whole price tag. I found the photos above at estate sale, aren't these two so cute, posing so proudly with their Ford?

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