Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the Cadoro archives

This vintage find is the stuff of legends. If I told you how it happened, I would have to kill you (just kidding, but not telling!). You all know I am a hopeless magpie, completely obsessed with hunting down jewels. Well, let's just say I stumbled down a rabbit hole and landed in vintage jewelry heaven.

I currently came into possession of hundreds of pieces of some of the rarest, most collectible costume jewelry out there. My head is still spinning as I try to archive and research this stuff. I have hundreds of pieces of Cadoro necklaces that were samples, straight from their vault. Some of these things probably never went into production and are one-of-a-kind treasures.

Cadoro was founded by the actor Steve Brody and Dan Staneskieu in 1945. They traveled all over the world to source only the highest quality materials. It was originally very expensive, fashion forward and sold in Neimann Marcus. They stopped producing in the mid 70s, though their designs were sold through the early 80s. They used materials that are now highly sought-after; lucite, japanned metal, leather, handmade pottery, seed pearls and a whole lot more. Cadoro jewelry is highly rare, collectible, and sought after. As I mentioned, a lot of the pieces I have might not even be in books because they were production samples.

I have a pretty vast array of materials, styles and pieces from every era as far as necklaces go. Since the pieces are production samples, not all of them have the signature oval "Cardo" hang tags. However, I can vouch that they are all from the same source; they've been sitting undisturbed in a vault since the company closed. Below is just a small sampling of what will be slowly released into the shop. If you are a serious collector and would like to see additional pieces, please contact me via my etsy shop. All the pieces shown here will be up for sale in a separate category in my store within the next couple days.



  1. super swesomeness! amazing find and one that will keep giving!

  2. What a superb find--congratulations! I love that black chain with the red beads.