Monday, September 6, 2010

Everybody Needs a Best Friend

Everyone needs a best friend who you have a ton in common with, even mannequins! Harlene, my slender 1964 Wolf was getting lonely in my big new studio so I decided she needed a gal pal. I didn't want to find her a friend who was the same size because then they would fight over clothes, but I wanted someone who she'd feel comfortable with. After a lot of searching, Elinor materialized this morning and I brought her home to meet Harlene. She's also a Wolf, but a bit younger than Harlene as she was born in 1976. So far, they seem to be getting along quite well and Harlene does not mind sharing the spotlight with her at all. Check out Harlene and Elinor modeling exceptional fall fashion starting tomorrow in the shop!


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