Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am always so busy sharing what goes into the shop that I never bother to show people what I actually keep! As you can probably imagine, the temptation to skim the best things off the top for myself is very strong. However, when you seek out beautiful clothing for a living it becomes easier to let things go because you know there will be always be more. Though my Etsy closet is bottomless, my own is rather small and only a few good pieces of vintage make it in every season (really!).

I only keep or buy something that I know would haunt me the rest of my life if I didn't own it. I am not someone who waffles over a piece of clothing for a long time wondering if I should own it or not. When I see something that I know I can't live without, I buy it almost instantly. Sometimes I can't even tell you why I get lovestruck, it just happens. All my best buys have been like this- love at first sight. That is what the four things below have in common; instant, knee-buckling magnetism.


70's Edwardian Style Lace Dress- Flea Market, two days ago
70's Agate Pendant- belonged to my best friend's mom, two years ago
Kingman Mine Turquoise Bracelet- Woman selling jewelry randomly to the antique store I worked for in college
Silver Claw Leaf Collar- Ebay, one week ago
Peach and Lucite Belt (worn as a bandeau)- A giant bin full of dresses in a top secret location,
three weeks ago


  1. I have to say I quite like how you look sans lipstick and au nautral, real pretty! And um, that lace dress? Yeaaaah.

  2. Beautiful--I especially love that necklace! I don't keep very much, either. I'd say about 75% of my wardrobe are pieces I've already owned for several years.

  3. That belt-bandeau is such a completely brilliant idea.

    I have no words for that dress. It just made me gasp. Loudly.

  4. are you into renoir copper jewelry from the 50s? think you'd dig it.

  5. i have a belt like that, but i never thought about wearing it as a bandeau. i'm gonna have to go try that. question is... would that be appropriate attire for artist & fleas ? ;)

    the dress looks gorgeous here...you made a good call. love it.