Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Labyrinthine Nature

I came across the work of a very talented artist on Etsy by the name of Kira Sheker. Her store is called Labyrinthine Nature, and it is full of her illustrations and ethereal photography. She achieves some of her eerily beautiful photgraphs with long exposure times, layering of images, and pinhole photography. The result is a hypnotic pull into a dreamlike realm, where simple objects like antique chairs and black cats are transformed into powerful symbols of the unconscious.

Her methods seem to materialize omnipresent, buried memories that have no real shape or form but are transient presences that bridge time and space and deeply pervade our perceptions of the world and shape how we react to our surroundings. We have all had a moment where we feel that we are outside our self, watching ourselves as a stranger; Kira has united the self and the stranger on one page, and it is hard to discern who is the imposter. In addition to being thought-provoking and delightfully complex, it is just as aesthetically brilliant. Please go and check out her work!

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